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  • White White/ # 2901 / $ 21.00 each
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With Samsonite's TEN YEAR Warranty !  Call us for QTY Discounts / 888.808.2253

With Samsonite's TEN YEAR Warranty !  Call us for QTY Discounts / 888.808.2253

Can you buy "CHEAPER" chairs - and by cheaper, as in QUALITY and price - absolutely.  You can buy the cheap ones and replace them frequently and hope that one does not fail in application.  Instead of buying an $ 8.00 plastic chair two, three, or four times over the span of 5 to 10 years, why not buy ONE chair made by the company that originally desgined the coveted plastic chair and feel confident in your investment and backed by a full TEN YEAR warranty ??  At the end of the day, you will have spent less and had less headaches.  And do not forget, while the $ 8.00 chair is cheaply priced and made, they still will charge a boatload to ship it to you.  NOT US - it all ships for free.  So, get out of the disposable mindset and buy the best that last.  20 Gauge annealled steel frame (the cheap ones are not treating their steel properly), virgin poly seat and back (the cheap ones are using regrind plastic and it severly weakens the seating and backing causing failures and cracks), will hold up to 300 lbs in laboratory testing and comes with the incredible TEN Year Warranty.  Enough said.  Buy from the originator of the chair !

The legendary brand of Samsonite is back with an impressive line reminiscent of the glory days in folding furniture.  Samsonite's Poly Folding chairs are the LIGHTEST (6.25#) in the industry and setting a new standard.

Deep radius back for comfort, these can be stacked 60 high to pass thru a standard doorway.  Frame finish is PC for durable wear.  Seat & Back are polypropylene for ease of maintenance.  Reverse double-riveted cross brace on rear legs stabilizes chair on any surface

Product Info
PC frame finish 
20 Ga Annealed
Weighs only 6 #
Weight Test 300 #
PolyPro Seat/Back
6.25 EA / Lightest !


Packed 8 per Box
Seat Height 17 5/8"


Industry Best 10 YR

             2200 Series Chair Trolley                                     2200 Series Chair Trolley (60 Units)                     2200 Series Chair Trolley 6" Caster                                         $ 159.00

Samsonite Furniture and Samsonite Patio Furniture are registered trademarks of the Samsonite Corporation.  All credit is given to Samsonite Corporation for all drawings, and images, Samsonite Furniture the Premier Furniture Line in the World for over 40 years.